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IVC Blood Clot Filter Claims


What is an IVC Blood Clot Filter?


An IVC Blood Clot Filter is a cone-shaped wire device designed to catch blood clots before entering the lungs, in order to prevent a pulmonary embolism. An IVC Blood Clot Filter is implanted in the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC).  The Inferior Vena Cava is a large vein that carries blood from the lower half of the body back to the heart.


Side Effects and Complications


Serious side effects and complications may arise after having an IVC Blood Clot Filter implanted. Many of the side effects are believed to be due to design defects with certain IVC Filter devices. Side effects and complications from these devices may include:


  • A fractured device, or pieces of the device break off;
  • Filter Migration;
  • Filter Embolization;
  • Perforation or Puncturing of the Vena Cava, Heart or Lungs;
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis; and/or,
  • Chest Pain.


Certain manufacturers of IVC Blood Clot Filters knew about the defects in the IVC Blood Clot Filter devices they made.  Those companies intentionally hid the defects, and sold the product to the public, anyway.  Now, persons implanted with an IVC Blood Clot Filter face potential health complications, uncertainty, and emotional distress.  These companies must be held accountable for needlessly endangering the public.


The Brad Morris Law Firm is committed to holding these big pharmaceutical companies accountable for these defective products. If you, or someone you know, have been implanted with an IVC Blood Clot Filter, contact us today.  The Brad Morris Law Firm will immediately start a claim.  Even if a person implanted with an IVC filter has not had any complications from the device, they may still be eligible for compensation.  There is a high risk of future injury from the device, so that must be considered.


Call the Brad Morris Law Firm immediately.  We will work to get the compensation you deserve.