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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Lawsuit




Testosterone is a hormone that is involved in maintaining energy levels, muscle mass, and sex drive. As men age, it is common for testosterone to decrease. Testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed to many men who have been diagnosed with “Low T” or Low Testosterone. These medications are available as injections, pellets and tablets, as well as in topical form, such as gels, creams and patches. Brand names include:


Injections: Delatestryl (Manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals)

Tablets and Pellets: Striant and Testopel (Auxilium Pharmaceuticals)

Patches: Adroderm (Actavis)

Creams: Axiron (Lilly USA, LLC)

Gels: AndroGel (Abbvie); Bio-T-Gel (Teva Pharmaceuticals); and Testim (Auxilium Pharmaceuticals)


Recent studies have shown that these products may increase a man’s risk for cardiovascular problems including:



Heart Attack;

Pulmonary Embolism;

Deep Vein Thrombosis; and,



In March 2015, the FDA issued a drug safety warning announcing that new label warnings will be added to testosterone replacement therapies concerning these dangerous risks. In some instances, it is suspected that the drug companies knew about these risks before bringing the treatments to market but failed to warn consumers, which could make those companies legally liable for the injuries.


The Brad Morris Law Firm is currently accepting male clients who have taken testosterone replacement therapy and sustained injuries such as stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis or death while taking the medication.


The Brad Morris Law Firm and our team of experts are committed to holding big pharmaceutical companies liable for injuries people suffered from the companies’ negligence. The Brad Morris Law Firm has helped recover millions of dollars for people injured because of someone else’s negligence. We can help you with your defective drug claim.


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