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Tractor Trailer and 18-Wheeler Accident

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The difference between automobile accidents and accidents involving 18-wheeler tractor-trailers can be huge. Trucking companies, trucks and their drivers are highly regulated by the Department of Transportation so that many factors for trucks do not hold for car accidents. Truck drivers need special training and a special license to drive. They also train in how to load each type of truck they drive. A trucking firm can be found guilty if a driver does not following federal and local rules. Such rules include, but are not limited to, repair and inspection of the trucks, valid driver licenses and good conduct, good brakes, rest between driving shifts, a current log book, routine alcohol and drug tests, or carrying dangerous goods safely. Truckers must also carry insurance which means there is more money involved in a trucking accident.


Truck drivers are often tired and pushed to meet tight schedules. If you are involved in a tractor trailer accident, you should immediately contact the Brad Morris Law Firm. They can help you file a personal injury case to receive cash for expenses and for your distress. Some reasons for trucking accidents are:


Fatigue says the driver is tired. Not getting enough sleep, loading and unloading heavy loads, putting in overtime, etc. can not only affect the driver’s ability to drive but to also to judge how well he is driving. Drivers get paid only when they deliver their loads, not for taking naps. They are constantly pressured to deliver on time. Federal guidelines establish how much sleep a driver must get. If they fall behind in a schedule, they should not make it up by driving while sleepy or by taking medications to keep from sleeping.


Driving while under effects of alcohol, drugs, or other vapor-releasing chemicals, or a combination of any of this stuff, is against the law. In these cases, the victims of the accident and their families are often eligible to receive money due to their pain and suffering. Attorneys with the Brad Morris Law Firm are trained to figure how much you have suffered in addition to your hurt.


Poor weather, such as rain, fog, or even snow, may cause truck accidents. Big truck drivers may not see motorcyclists, cars, or walkers. In such cases, it may be hard to know who may be at fault for an accident, or if anyone was at fault at all. In times of bad weather, it is very important to be cautious and be aware of other drivers.


Truckers need to follow the rules. If they do not they can hurt people by:
•    Playing with the radio or texting
•    Following too close
•    Not using blind spot mirrors
•    Improper braking
•    Quick lane changes
•    Poor Loading
•    Loose Loads
•    Not using signal to turn


One of the biggest causes of commercial truck accidents are braking problems that cause a big truck to jackknife, resulting in many injuries and sometimes even the death of those involved in a the accident. This problem usually occurs because the driver stomps the brakes while the truck is going at a high speed. Then the entire truck, along with the trailers, can start to skid. If the truck and trailer skid long enough, the trailer will in all likelihood jackknife. Jackknifing can cause extreme destruction and loss of life. In addition, the truck can roll causing an even worse accident.


It is not enough to prove wrong just because a truck jackknifes. You need an attorney with the experience to know how prove the liability of some guilty party, such as the trucking company, the driver of another car or truck, etc. This may be caused by:
•    Running a stop sign
•    Overweight trucks
•    Under-loaded trucks
•    Truck needs fixing
•    Brakes need fixing
•    Backing into something


Common problems resulting from big truck accidents include:
•    Brain injuries
•    Head Trauma
•    Spinal Cord Injuries
•    Neck Injuries
•    Burn Injuries
•    Paralysis
•    Loss of arms or legs
•    Bad scars
•    Broken bones
•    Death


Victims of trucking accidents may need help paying medical bills, future medical care, loss of income, property and other losses that need to be addressed. Our attorneys can meet with you at a free consultation to evaluate your case and determine the next step to get you relief for your losses due to a trucking accident.