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Elder Law, Probate, and Estate Planning

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The elderly and their loved ones face a host of legal and financial challenges that are often best addressed with the advice and counsel of a competent attorney. No matter a person’s net worth, appropriate legal and financial planning can help protect depletion of the estate by expensive nursing home and log-term care, as well as ensure the assets are distributed according to his or her wishes. The Brad Morris Law Firm PLLC is familiar with these challenges, and we are able to assist with elder law, probate and estate planning needs.


Two types of documents are a Living Will and a durable power of attorney for health care. In a living will you state your healthcare preferences. It has nothing do with what happens to your possessions. You may choose what life-prolonging procedures you want to receive such as:
• Transfusions
• Dialysis
• Respirator
• Surgery
• Tube feeding
• Pain Relief
• Do Not Resuscitate Order


A durable power of attorney allows someone you trust to make decisions about your care only if you are not able to make them yourself. They can decide what hospital facility is best for you and which doctors to hire or fire. You can even allow them to communicate your wishes about organ donation. They are limited to only what you allow and only if you cannot make the decision yourself.


Your will outlines where you want your possessions to go after your death. If you do not have a will the state may determine who gets your things. If you want to decide who gets your things, write a will.
The attorneys at the Brad Morris Law Firm know estate law in Mississippi. They will help you plan your future and make sure your wishes are carried out. Call us today to make your plan.