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Social Security Disability

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There are a very small percentage of claims that are resolved at the initial level or reconsideration level. However, most claims are heard by an Administrative Law Judge. Our attorneys will be there to represent you at your hearing. At the Brad Morris Law Firm PLLC, we can provide you an attorney or staff member who is familiar with the rules, regulations, listings of impairments and what is needed to prove your disability.


In most cases an attorney is unable to speed up the process of your claim. However, our office works diligently in handling any appeals and obtaining the necessary information to prove your claim as quickly as possible.


Our office will work directly with Social Security on your behalf. We will request necessary reports, records, and statements from your treating doctors. We will review your medical records thoroughly and file them with Social Security. Our office is familiar with the necessary paperwork needed for your claim and will file it in a timely manner. We will prepare your case for hearing and represent you at that hearing. We do everything within our power to ensure your claim’s success.


To be eligible for Social Security Disability, you must have a physical or mental condition that limits your ability to perform substantial gainful activity that is expected to last or has lasted 12 months, and meet the earning requirements at the time you became disabled. In order to be eligible for social security disability you must have a certain amount of work credits that is determined by your age and work history in the last 10 years. Generally to meet the earnings requirements, you must have worked five years out of the last ten when you became disabled. The earnings requirements for people under 31 are proportionately less, so someone who is 23 may be eligible even if he has only worked a few years. Depending on financial need, you might also be eligible for Supplemental Security Income.


Social Security Disability Insurance can be retroactive one (1) year from the date you apply. SSI benefits begin the first full calendar month after you apply. You should apply as soon as you know that your condition is going to last for at least a year and will prevent you from working.


There may be hope; you may still qualify for SSI. SSI is a supplemental program for individuals that have not worked enough in the last 10 years to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSI is based on monthly income and assets for you and your spouse.


If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability Benefits contact the Brad Morris Law Firm today. We’ll prepare all of your Social Security Disability paperwork and will do everything to ensure your claim’s success.