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Choosing The Right Bus Accident Attorney

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How do I choose the right bus accident injury attorney?


If you or a loved one have been involved in a bus accident here in Mississippi, there are several things that you should consider when looking for an attorney to represent you on those claims. One is, almost without exception, if there is an injury involving a bus wreck, it typically involves pretty serious injuries, oftentimes death, so there is almost always a lot at stake. The nature of a bus wreck also means that there are likely multiple claims involved because a bus, by design, is built to carry multiple people. When a bus is involved in a wreck, it almost always means that there’s a lot of people on the bus just through numbers and also by setup and design of those vehicles. Choosing The Right Bus Accident AttorneyThere are usually multiple injuries, often involving serious injury or death, so there’s a lot at stake in these claims, not just for the individuals who were harmed, but also for that bus company and the insurance carriers who cover them. Because there’s a lot at stake, typically the damages in those cases are highly contested, and liability becomes contested. There are complex issues, in terms of regulation of motor carriers and business, even when used by a single business or even when rented for private use. Those vehicles are specially regulated, the drivers have special licenses, and the size of those vehicles creates a unique set of facts. Those cases tend to be more complex and they tend to be higher value with a lot more at stake. As such, it is really essential when choosing an attorney for a claim like that to look to someone who has a solid record of working on personal injury claims. This is not the type of case for a Johnny-come-lately attorney on a personal injury claim. It’s just not the type of case that you want your divorce lawyer or your misdemeanor traffic defense attorney or your bankruptcy attorney representing you on. A bus wreck claim really necessitates a personal injury attorney— someone who litigates personal injury cases regularly, on a daily basis, who understands litigation of personal injury claims, who ideally has had some involvement in motor carrier or large commercial vehicle litigation so that they understand the ins and outs of what lies ahead on that particular claim. You also want someone with a willingness to go to trial, a willingness to work up a case for trial— someone with a track record of getting solid results for clients and a track record of success on litigating personal injury cases. Here at Brad Morris Law Firm, we have a proven record of success in litigating personal injury cases for our clients. We are available to assist with catastrophic injuries and deaths that arise from bus accidents. If you, a family member or loved one have been involved in a bus wreck, we’re here to answer your questions. Just reach out to us by phone or through our website, and we will work to get you the help that you need in that case. Call us if we can help.

Were you or a loved one injured on a bus in Mississippi and have questions about choosing the right bus accident attorney? Contact the experienced Mississippi personal injury attorney, Brad Morris, today for a free consultation and case evaluation. We can help you to get justice for your case.

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