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There is a public health crisis in this country because of the increase in usage of opioid drugs. These drugs are notoriously over-prescribed and this leads to people becoming addicted to these harmful drugs. Whether it comes in the form of oxy or hydrocodone, codeine, fentanyl, methadone, or morphine, people get hooked. Women who are addicted to these prescription medications get pregnant and the affects of opioid usage on a fetus can be very grave such as neonatal abstinence syndrome. Please reach out to Brad Morris, our Mississippi neonatal abstinence syndrome lawyer right away if you believe you or a loved one is entitled to compensation.

A Lawyer Can Help

You or someone you love may be entitled to compensation. Opioid use is a crisis resulting in a very serious syndrome that can be a huge cost to the family of an infant who has it. Brad Morris wants to help. If you or someone you love is suffering from complications, please reach out to us right away to discuss getting compensation for your damages.

Common Symptoms of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Opioid addiction in pregnant women has increased by more than four times in the last twenty years according to the CDC. That means that many babies who have been born to these women have suffered the consequences of neonatal opioid abuse. It is a sad but common occurrence among deliveries in the United States. These babies are born addicted to opioids and then spend their first days in a lot of pain and suffering as they withdrawal. The effects of the addiction don’t go away after they withdrawal. They could be suffering adverse symptoms for their whole life. Neonatal abstinence syndrome is a very complicated and painful time for a baby who was born addicted to opioids. It is directly related to withdrawal from opioids after delivery for a newborn baby. As you likely know, anything the mother puts into her body eventually makes its way to their baby. That includes any opioid that they are addicted to. It’s something that travels via blood into the fetus. Because of this direct line to the baby, not only is the mother addicted, so is her baby. NAS can last up to six months for drugs including methadone, heroin, and opiates. Any person is going to suffer some pretty intense symptoms if they stop doing an addictive substance cold turkey. The same thing applies to babies. They will experience:
  • increase irritability and crying
  • trembling
  • seizures
  • not sleeping
  • vomiting
  • a hard time breast feeding
  • fever and sweats
  • weight loss
These symptoms are very scary with a newborn. The severity of the symptoms obviously depends on how much the mother was using and when the baby arrived in the pregnancy. It is worse for babies who make it full term because they have been exposed to the drugs for longer. As the baby grows up, they may suffer into childhood. They are more likely to be badly behaved, have trouble with motor skills, and develop mental health issues and more. These are some of the most recognized symptoms.

The Liable Party in a Neonatal Opioid Case

These cases are tricky. There are many parties who are involved that may be the one responsible for the opioid addition in newborns. It could fall on the manufacturer of the drug and those who distributed it. They may have failed to educate consumers about the consequences of using their product and the highly addictive property of the drug. A shocking amount of manufacturers failed to properly inform consumers that these drugs were very addictive even when evidence showed have addictive they were. Many people have brought claims for this type of medical malpractice. Our Mississippi neonatal abstinence syndrome lawyer Brad Morris has handled cases like yours successfully even. Opioid use is considered to be epidemic. The lawsuits sometimes target the manufacturers for wrongfully telling their consumers that they would not be at risk for getting addicted to the product and they ended up harmed because of that. Your particular case involves the most voluntary populations. Babies cannot speak for themselves when they are wronged. They deserve to get justice. We have seen claims being brought on behalf of babies harmed by opioid addiction. It has been historically shown that babies who had neonatal abstinence syndrome grew up to have issues learning, hearing/ vision issues, had birth defects, and behavior issues. These damages affect all faculties of a child.

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Please call Brad Morris, our dedicated and caring Mississippi neonatal abstinence syndrome lawyer right away if you feel that you or someone you love is entitled to compensation after medical malpractice. Brad Morris cares about his community and serving justice on behalf of victims.