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Car accidents are scary and devastating. If you have been in a car accident, you are likely really hurt. You’re also probably racking up medical bills. This is a terrible time for most people. We can help. Our Mississippi car accident lawyers are here to guide you through your claim. We can discuss how to get started during a free consultation. Were you recently involved in a car accident? Millions of people are hurt or die in car crashes each year. Sadly though, many victims never receive the full amount of money they deserve for their loss. If you have been injured or if a member of your family has been injured or killed due to the fault of another driver in a car wreck, Brad Morris Law Firm, PLLC can help. As your legal advocate, our Mississippi car accident lawyers can help you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

How to Know if You Have a Car Accident Claim 

Before we get started you should understand what exactly filing a car accident claim means. When you’re involved in a car accident, a liable party will be determined. That liable party will be the one who was responsible for the accident and your injuries. When you file a car accident claim, you are filing it against the insurance company that represents the liable party. The insurance company is responsible for compensating you for your damages from this car accident. Those damages include your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Knowing this, it’s time to figure out if you can file a car accident claim. Answer these three preliminary questions:
  • Were you in a car accident?
  • Did this happen within the last three years?
  • Are you seriously injured?
  • Was the other party involved acting negligently?
If you said yes to these questions, you likely are eligible for a car accident claim. It’s best to discuss your eligibility with a skilled Mississippi car accident lawyer.

What to Do after a Car Accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, it can be hard to know what to do given the commotion and confusion. Try to stay calm. You should also be sure to:
  • Contact the police: The scene of an accident can be chaotic. If a police officer came to the scene, try to get his or her name and badge number. Do your best to take a deep breath, calm your emotions, and clearly explain what happened to the police officer. Get a copy of the police report.
  • Get the details: Identify the other people involved. Try to get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone involved or witnesses to the wreck. Take photos with your cell phone and draw a diagram with a detailed description of the wreck.
  • See a doctor immediately: Immediately get the medical treatment that you need. You should get examined by a physician after an accident even if you think you don’t need a doctor, because the adrenaline your body may produce in response to the excitement may mask the injuries. That is one reason the injuries of accident victims often do not show up until later. Make notes of how you feel after the accident and during your recovery. Keep copies of all instructions and medical records from your doctor.
  • Call your attorney: Our staff is available for your call any time of the night or day. A lawyer or staff member can meet with you during a free consultation to evaluate your injury and advise you what to do next to get the cash you deserve for injuries from your car wreck.

Ways to Build a Strong Claim 

You have several things you can do to build a strong car accident case. The very first thing you should do is collect any evidence you can after the car accident. You should take photos and videos. You also want to get contact information from anyone who saw the accident. As for the other driver involved, get their insurance information. Something to avoid at this time is saying to anyone that this was your fault. We understand that after a car accident, you might feel compelled to get out of the car and apologize and give an excuse why the accident happened. “I’m so sorry. I was completely zoned out. Are you okay?” You are allowed to feel badly, but do NOT apologize. Do NOT say it was your fault. Don’t give them excuses. There’s no way to know for sure who caused the accident, until it’s investigated by an expert. You likely don’t know for sure who caused the accident in the moment with adrenaline running through your body.  It’s best for you to just not say anything about who caused it. Keep calm. If the other driver tells their insurance company that you confessed to causing the accident, that’s going to hurt your claim.

Take Care of Yourself 

Go to the doctor right away. You need to get your injuries treated. You cannot wait to get treatment. You have options. You can go to the emergency room, urgent care, or your primary care physician. This should be your number one priority. We understand that if you’re still able to walk and function, you might be tempted to swallow the pain and get back to your responsibilities. You may have a family that relies on you to care for them or provide for them. You may even feel pressured to go to work, even though you’re in pain. While we do understand that people have things they need to do, we need you to understand that you need to prioritize your medical care. If you don’t, you’re showing the insurance company that you don’t need immediate medical attention. Even if you’re in a ton of pain and regret not going right away, they’ll still see it the way they want to see it. They will try to say that you were either lying about having your injuries or else you lied about when you got your injuries. This would allow them to argue that they have a right to throw out your claim or reduce what they owe you.

Act Quickly

There are many things about a car accident claim that requires you to act in a timely manner. You need to:
  • Go to the doctor right away
  • Call a Mississippi car accident lawyer right away
We went over why you need to see a doctor right away. Now you need to understand why talking to a lawyer right away is something you need to do. You are not given an endless amount of time to bring your claim. The Mississippi statute of limitations says you have up to three years past the date of your accident to bring your claim. After that, you will no longer be able to bring your claim. You won’t be able to receive compensation for your damages.

The Most Important Information to Gather After an Accident:

  • The full name and contact information of the person(s) involved.
  • Their insurance company and policy number.
  • The location where the accident occurred.
  • The make, model, and color of the involved party’s vehicle.
  • Their driver’s license and license plate number.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Though we rely on our cars to get us to work, school, and other daily responsibilities, they pose a huge threat if not operated carefully. Car accidents can lead to serious injuries. Victims of car accidents may suffer:
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Skin burn injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of limbs
  • Broken bones
  • Death

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