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Personal Injury Claim Timeline

After an accident, you may be wondering how long your injury case will take. Watch this video about the personal injury settlement timeline in Mississippi.


How long will my personal injury claim take?


I was at my office just last week and had a new potential client contact me. Among the series of questions that client asked was the question of how long it takes a personal injury case in Mississippi from beginning to end. Personal Injury Claim Timeline That’s an excellent question. It’s a question that a lot of clients – in fact, almost every client that comes in the door – ask us. It’s certainly a fair question, too, because if you have a claim for personal injury, most of the time not only are you hurting and having to get medical treatment, but also it frequently results in loss of being able to do daily activities or not being able to work. It has a real impact on people’s lives. Because of this, how long it will take to complete a case is an important question for most clients.

The answer to that question is, really, it depends. There’s not a hard and fast rule of thumb and certainly not a law or rule that says how long your case is going to take. It’s going to depend on the severity of the injures. It’s going to depend on how long the person receives medical treatment. For instance, a personal injury claim where a person is injured, gets immediate treatment and heals pretty quick— say in a few days or a few weeks— in that claim the injuries are complete, so we can proceed with getting a fair payment on it relatively quickly. Compare that to a case where there are serious injuries and a person is hospitalized for an extended period of time, where there’s rehab afterwards, where there’s potential physical therapy and long-term consequences, and so on. Cases like that often have to wait or take longer because both the medical doctors and the attorneys and the insurance companies involved need to get a sense of what that person’s prognosis is going to be, once they’ve had a chance to get their medical treatment and once they’re on a path to recovery. Oftentimes, a person may be getting medical treatment for a year or more before you really know how they’re going to recover. What we mean by that is a person could be getting medical treatment and go into rehab, and you may not know, for instance, if they’re going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life or if they’re going to be able to walk through physical therapy and through recovery. The medical treatment itself and the recovery period has a big impact on the timing and how fast a case moves. Once a person reaches maximum medical recovery, if you have an experienced personal injury attorney involved in your case, then an experienced trial lawyer can take that claim, work it up – once there’s maximum medical improvement – and package that claim for a demand to the insurance company. An experienced trial attorney will know right off the bat if the insurance company is going to make an offer on that claim that is fair value or close to fair value and treats the injured person right. If not, then you’ve got to proceed into litigation. Typically, in Mississippi, once you go into litigation and depending on the complexity of the case, you’re looking at anywhere from nine months at the shortest up to about 24 months from when the case is filed until you get to conclusion. I hope this answers some of the questions on that. Obviously, every case is different. The Brad Morris Law Firm is always here for a free consult on your potential personal injury case or just to help answer your questions, such as this, about your case or your loved one’s case.

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