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Warning Signs in a Slip And Fall Case

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How does a warning sign affect my slip and fall claim?


When we talk about slip and fall claims, what we more generally call premises liability claims here in Mississippi, questions often comes up around warning signs. Is the presence of a warning sign a detriment to your potential claim, or does that somehow mean that you don’t have a potential claim? What we generally advise people on that issue is that’s really a question that the lawyer needs to figure out. Don’t try to figure that out on your own or don’t just assume one way or another that the presence of a sign indicates that there was or was not liability or somehow absolves the wrongdoer or premises owner of liability.

Warning Signs in a Slip And Fall CaseWhen it comes to premises liability, or, really, personal injury cases in general, it really comes down to the particular facts of that situation, and you really need a legal professional to be able to analyze that. Yes, there’s common sense involved in our legal system in figuring out liability and who’s to blame, but there are also nuances in the law. If you don’t know what the local law is here in Mississippi, or wherever the claim may arise, and if you don’t have the full set of facts to compare that within the context of the law, then it’s hard to reach conclusions. The presence of warning signs is really fact-dependent because sometimes injuries happen and the warning sign matters, sometimes the warning sign is irrelevant. It’s not always a matter of the warning being at issue. You really need legal help in order to work through that, and that starts by picking up the phone or going on the website and reaching out to competent counsel. Here at Brad Morris Law Firm, we regularly are involved in premises liability cases. We’re happy to try to answer your questions or try to help you figure out any situation where you or a loved one are potentially injured as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing at their premises. More importantly, we just want to get you the help you need and try to point you in the right direction. If we can answer any of your questions, just reach out to us. We’re here.

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