Bicycle Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I talk to the insurance company after a bicycle accident?


I’ve been asked the question, after a bicycle crash whether or not it is a good idea for that victim to talk directly with the insurance company of the vehicle that hit them. Let me just say, across the board, whether it’s a bicycle crash, a car wreck, some other type of injury, it’s my advice to not ever talk with an adjuster or with the insurance company for the other side without legal representation. That’s not being an attorney and just trying to squeeze our way into the lawsuit; it’s just a matter of fairness and making sure that the injured individual is properly represented and that they really do have a fair chance on adjusting that claim.

Given that scenario, anytime an individual is dealing directly with the other party’s insurance, there’s already a disparity from the very beginning there. That insurance adjuster or claims person for the other insurance company, that’s what they do all day, every day. They’ve had extensive training on how to adjust claims. They’ve had extensive experience doing it because that’s what they do as a full-time job. Their training and knowledge is built around looking for ways, in an adversarial type claim like that, to reduce the value or to find a basis to deny the claim. A person who doesn’t do that on a daily basis and who doesn’t have the experience doing that is at a disadvantage from the moment the conversation starts.

That’s why we recommend against people trying to adjust their own claims. I recommend that anyone, whether it be a bicycle injury or any other type of personal injury claim, not speak with representatives from the oppositional insurance carrier without representation. An attorney is going to know how to lodge objections, how to set up the interview process in a way that is more fair to you, and how to prepare the claim for you and make sure that the communication with the carrier or the claims adjuster is done in a way that protects your rights. If it’s just you and that adjuster for the other person’s carrier, there is nobody there protecting your rights but you. If you don’t do it on a daily basis and are not involved in litigating claims, you’re really putting yourself out there and taking a risk.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a bicycle injury, or really any type of personal injury, don’t try to do it alone. Get legal help. That adjuster can wait. Talk to them when you have someone on your side who can make sure that your interests are protected. At our firm, we’re here to answer your phone calls and questions. You can contact us through our website, too, to get you the help you need if you have a bicycle injury or other type of injury.

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