Bus Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

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Bus Accidents Differ From Car AccidentsI was asked the question, “How is a bus accident claim any different from a car wreck claim here in Mississippi?” By way of analogy, I would compare a typical car wreck claim to a bus wreck claim the way that I would compare flying a little regional twin-prop airplane from one airport to an airport a few hundred miles away to riding a spaceship to the International Space Station or the moon. Are they similar? Yeah. They both involve flight, both involve some complex learning and skills, and you need a specialized person involved in both, but the complexity and the stakes are very different from one scenario to the other.

Commercial Driver & Commercial Driver License

A typical car wreck claim can involve some tremendous catastrophic injuries. All of us know that there are deaths that result from car wrecks, and those are catastrophic to the people involved, both the victim and their families who are victims as well. The complexity of piecing together what happened— the injuries, the reconstruction of all the evidence, etc.— is just different when a large commercial vehicle is involved, particularly a commercial passenger vehicle, such as a bus. There are many additional layers of regulation, along with corporate oversight, corporate involvement, and corporate supervision. Almost always when there’s a bus or tractor trailer involved, for instance, you’re dealing with not only a commercial driver with a commercial driver’s license, but also with a corporate entity with multiple layers of management.

Much More Complex

The areas that you have to delve into on a bus crash case are much more complex, as a result, than a typical car wreck claim. You’re going to need to look into the corporate defendants— look into their hiring, their training and supervision practices. You’ve got to look into all the different areas that are regulated by state or federal law, in terms of operation of that vehicle to see if those things were complied with and, if not, did any of that noncompliance contribute to this crash. You also need to look at the extent and severity of damages that happen. Also, by nature in a bus crash, you’re almost always going to have multiple defendants. You’re almost always going to have multiple plaintiffs, where you have multiple parties who were injured, who are involved in the litigation. The insurance companies involved are more specialized, the policies are generally higher and greater, and there’s more money at stake, which kind of raises the game and the stakes for everyone.

Investigation Differences

The way you investigate those cases is different from a car wreck. The reconstructionists, the experts that you need who are going to testify and comment and prove up the case in terms of liability, will be higher in number and they will be doing more complex work than on a car case. Anytime there’s a bus wreck case, any person who is the victim of a bus wreck, who’s been injured in a bus wreck or who has a family member or a loved one who’s been injured, needs to understand the complexity of that case is so much more than a typical car wreck case. It’s just imperative that you have legal counsel who deals with personal injury litigation regularly and doesn’t just process claims.

Adjusters and Litigation

On a car wreck case, a lot of times you’re just talking to the adjuster, and you may have to work up the case for litigation. My firm, for instance, we regularly litigate car wreck cases to make sure that our clients get what they deserve, but the way you work up a car wreck case and the adjusters that you’re dealing with are very different from big complex commercial vehicle litigation. To handle it effectively, you need to have some experience in that. The powers that be got to know that you’re willing to litigate. They’ve got to know that you’re going to work up that case in the right way. Victims and their families need to look for representation from attorneys that have experience in this type of complex litigation and who are going to work it up in the right way and put in the resources that are needed to get the job done and get them fair value for that claim.

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