Will My Case Go to Trial in Mississippi?

If you are seeking compensation in a personal injury claim, you may want to know, “Will my case go to trial in Mississippi?” Watch this video to learn more.


Will my personal injury case go to trial?


A question that we get all the time when people contact us about personal injury cases is if their case will have to go to trial. It’s natural for people to ask that question. It’s a great question, especially in the personal injury context, because for most of our personal injury clients, they have gone through enough with the injury itself. The prospect of having to go to trial and putting it all out there in the open and reliving it again is scary for a lot of folks. The reality of our civil justice system is that well over 98% of all civil cases, which a personal injury case would be, never go to trial. They get resolved well ahead of trial, through settlement or mediation or some other means.

Here’s the little secret that not everyone talks about in those numbers. If you are going to get fair value and top dollar for your claim, you’re only going to get that if the insurance company, their adjusters, and their lawyers are convinced and know that you have a lawyer who will not only take that case to trial but who will put in the time and the work to work that case up and take it to a trial and get a top dollar verdict from a jury. If you have a lawyer who is an experienced trial lawyer, who regularly works personal injury claims, and who will put in the sweat and the work to work up that case the right way, then most likely that case will resolve before trial because the insurance company, their adjusters, and their lawyers will know that they don’t want to go face the music before a jury and a lawyer who has worked up your case the right way.

That’s why it’s so important to get an experienced trial lawyer who has had success on these personal injury cases involved in your case early on. The fact of the matter is, most of these cases are won in the workup before you ever file suit. Once you file suit, the case should be worked up, you should be ready, and then at that point you’re getting ready for trial. That’s how we approach it here at the Brad Morris Law Firm.

As always, if you have any questions about your personal injury case or if we can provide you a free consult to help you take your case in the right direction, we’re available for that.

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